Presentations in the following fields are welcome:

  •          Geolinguistics
  •          Theoretical Dialectology: (De)contruction and (De)conceptualization of Dialects
  •         The Paradigms of Interpretative and Inventorisational Methodologies in Dialectology
  •          Interdisciplinary Approach in Dialectology: Fundamental and Applied Aspects
  •          Cognitive Dialectology
  •          Perceptual Dialectology: Quantity- and Quality-oriented Perspectives
  •          Interlingual Dialectology: Multilingual and Multicultural Variability (Multilingual Dialectology: Multilingual and Multicultural Variability)
  •          Dialectometry
  •          Dialect Sources: Texts, Dictionaries, Atlases, Corpora
  •          Linguistic, or Scholarly Value of Dialects and Their Self-evaluation
  •          Salience in Dialectology
  •          Dialects in Relation to Space and Time
  •          Virtual Areas of Dialects
  •          Dialectal Creativity and Literacy in the 21st Century: Demand, Possibility and Urgency


Time for presentation: 20 min.

Congress languages: English, German, French, Russian, Lithuanian.

You are welcome to submit your scientific articles in English (or other language) for publishing in the journal “Acta Linguistica Lithuanica“ (ISSN 1648-4444) via e-mail and Editor-in-chief Akad. Prof. Dr. Grasilda Blažienė (

Guidelines for contributors


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